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Your Financial Betterment

Our mission of maximizing the financial well-being of individuals extends beyond management of client portfolios. Observing the plethora of widely promoted financial products whose features and fees are geared more to Wall Street profits than client wealth, we have written articles and books to expose the harm and guide readers away from sales charges, excess fees, uurious loan charges and undue risk

You may be a victim and not realize it. Know for sure.

Published Articles: Common financial mistakes and bad products

Book: A Consumer’s Guide to Harmful Financial Products

Book: The Final Rip-Off: Reverse Mortgages

Want to know how much you need to save to retire well? Is your asset allocation between stocks and bonds just a guess? We have begun posting online calculators to help you make gainful financial decisions any time you  want.

Click here and have fun with or calculators:

Meanwhile, if you come across a potentially harmful or needlessly costly product we have not covered, please call us or write to Art Ernst.