Our Values

Financial experts, community leaders

Our Commitment to Service

  • While clients and 401k plan participants have full access to staff at TD Ameritrade and ADP, we serve as a time-saving liaison. We remove all hassle setting up accounts, transferring assets, consolidating retirement plans, executing wires, donating stock and other worthwhile but sometimes arduous transactions. We guide estates and assist beneficiaries and heirs when those occasions arise.

  • After the end of each quarter, we write to each client to review the economic landscape and market details most pertinent to their assets under management. Click here to see the archive.

    Clients have 24/7 online access to their accounts, including real-time holdings, a history of all activity, and an archive of documents going back several years. Most importantly, we welcome all levels of contact with our clients. Building relationships, educating, and learning are perhaps the most enjoyable aspects of our jobs.

  • We provide counsel on any financial matter our clients wish to explore. We can develop comprehensive financial plans. More commonly, we thoroughly examine situations and topics presented by clients. We can show the impact of retiring at different times, the efficacy of paying off or refinancing loans, the impact of using tax-advantaged accounts, the effects of altering portfolio asset allocations, and more. Topics like education funding, estate planning, and assuring a marvelous retirement are handled thoroughly and concisely. We do not write tomes; we provide clear, actionable direction.

    Briefly, we aspire to improve and simplify the financial affairs of our clients.

Our Commitment to Safety

  • All client assets are held at a major brokerage. Most are at TD Ameritrade. Clients have sole authority over any payments made to other parties or cash withdrawals.

  • Cash in each brokerage account at TD Ameritrade is swept into FDIC-insured TD Bank. Cash beyond FDIC limits and all securities are backed by SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) insurance. TD Ameritrade provides further protection through London-based insurers, bringing total coverage to $150 million for each investor.

  • Under the topic of safety, we reiterate one tenet of our investment philosophy: our belief in the propriety of diversification. As we reduce the unique risk of specific exposures, we increase safety.

    Simply put, we aspire to improve and simplify our clients’ financial affairs.

  • Our clients have 24/7 access to their accounts online, and they can opt for any combination of paper and/or email statements and notifications. We keep our clients well informed, but they always have direct access to their assetsItem description

Our Commitment to Community

  • Tom Byrne has been a civic leader in New Jersey for decades. He has served on many boards and councils at the local, regional, and state levels. As the former Chair and long-time New Jersey Investment Council member, Tom is known widely for his knowledge of state finances and pensions. He is a frequently requested speaker and expert commentator. His articles in the Star-Ledger have added greatly to various debates and positively influenced policy.

  • Art Ernst steered his work in finance from institutional portfolio management to consumerism and service for the individual. He has written several published articles and two books exposing client-harming products and practices.

  • Strong advocates of education, members of Byrne Asset Management volunteer and tutor at local institutions to promote financial literacy.

    In October of 1998, a visionary group of individuals, many of whom had their roots in Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart as parents, alumni and faculty recognized a need for a values-based school for boys.

    This group became the founding Board of Trustees, and the school was formally incorporated. In September 1999, Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart opened its doors with 34 students in Grades K-3 and 14 faculty and staff in rented space on the current campus. The following September, the school grew to 94 students in K-Grade 6 and the faculty and staff grew to 33. In December 2000, Princeton Academy purchased the current property and by February of 2002, Princeton Academy was able to retire the mortgage. In November 2003, Princeton Academy received accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. In 2008, Princeton Academy was formally admitted into the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.