401k Plan Models

401k plan participants can build their own portfolios with any combination of funds on our platform. They can also have brokerage accounts, self-managed or directed by us.

Most have found it more effective and convenient to choose one of our six risk-based models. The model asset allocations are summarized below:

  • Aggressive Portfolio Model: Stocks 85% / Bonds 15%
  • Moderately Aggressive Portfolio Model: Stocks 70% / Bonds 30%
  • Moderate Portfolio Model: Stocks 55% / Bonds 45%
  • Moderately Conservative Portfolio Model: Stocks 40% / Bonds 60%
  • Conservative Portfolio Model: Stocks 25% / Bonds 75%
  • Ultra Conservative Portfolio Model: Stocks 10% / Bonds 90%

Participants can seek our guidance in choosing an appropriate model. Far less comprehensive but perhaps fun as a quick indicator, feel free to try our risk questionnaire.