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Book: A Consumer’s Guide…

Book CoverByrne Asset COO Art Ernst has an uncommon breadth of exposure to the formation, management, and sale of Wall Street products. Instead of drinking the ‘Kool-Aid’ to generate profits for himself and some sales-oriented firm, he has extended his fiduciary role to communicate important facts to the public at large. With years of research, utilizing decades of statistics, and using language accessible to all readers, he wrote A Consumer’s Guide to Harmful Financial Products.

Most financial professionals are not required to act in your best interest. They get paid to gather assets, close loans, sell products, and maximize fees. For instance, you are needlessly hurting yourself if you have…

Annuities ● B-share funds ● Bear market funds ● C-share funds ● Commodities ● Currency funds ● Derivatives ● Futures ● Gold ● Hedge funds ● IPOs ● Loaded A-share funds ● Long/short funds ● Managed stock funds ● Master limited partnerships ● Options ● Target date funds ● Wrap accounts

You set yourself up for further harm when you…

Allocate assets based on your age ● Back test ● Borrow through a reverse mortgage ● Chase winners ● Read charts ● Try to time the markets

A Consumer’s Guide to Harmful Financial Products was written to help you grow and protect your wealth by exposing the damage caused by heavily promoted Wall Street concoctions and tactics such as those above.

► Discover if you have harmful products or habits.
► Learn how to shed and/or avoid them.
► Invest for maximum expected gain at least cost.
► Never get ripped off by Wall Street again.

Paperback available for $12.99 at Amazon. eBook available for 4.99.