Investment Counseling

You may prefer to execute your own trades, have a preferred institution, or simply want the final say with any investment; and yet you may also want the benefits of guidance from experienced, fiduciary portfolio managers.


We can help.


We provide a service whereby we execute the intellectual and professional analysis for assets held elsewhere. As with money fully managed in-house, we get to know each client in terms of goals and attitudes towards risk. We come to an understanding of a target allocation among stocks and bonds. Going forward, we provide actionable ideas we believe to be efficacious – often synchronous with actions executed in our managed portfolios.


At the start, and then quarterly and upon request, we review each client’s portfolio in depth. We identify opportunities for improvement, such as unnecessary risks, improper exposures, and products with hidden or needlessly high fees.


This service is more than a second opinion. It includes:

Constant monitoring of known holdings

Complete lists of credit-approved bond issuers

Notification of perceived buying opportunities

Stock lists with metrics and reasons for fit

Unlimited access to our portfolio managers


You can invest independently. You do not have to do it alone.