OCIO Services

If your organization has sizable financial assets, the way you handle these assets can enhance or detract from the mission of your organization. You can keep these assets in the bank, always ready, predictably valued, but constantly eroding in value due to inflation. You can use up a sizable portion of your assets to create an investment department which might generate returns that more than cover its own costs…or not.

We present a third option, one that can help you retain and earn more assets for your organization: our OCIO service.

OCIO stands for Outsourced Chief Investment Officer. Briefly, as a fiduciary working on your behalf, we can work with you to develop a maximally gainful investment regimen consistent with your goals and desired risk parameters. Going forward, we implement that regimen, with day-to-day responsibility of all investment management functions.

As an independent RIA with no allegiance to any financial institution, we collaborate directly with you to create a customized investment strategy. We utilize advanced analytical techniques to identify the best managers for each asset class. We identify areas of opportunity and inefficiency to help diversify sources of return, which can serve to reduce volatility.

As we monitor the economy and market performance on a day-to-day basis, we can adeptly adjust holdings to augment protective measures or seize upon a favorable opportunity.

Most importantly, as your OCIO, our work allows your organization to focus its energy and activities on its mission. To the extent our efforts add value, we too are focused on that mission.