Mike Chen

Mike ChenMike joined Byrne Asset in the beginning of 2014. He serves as an analyst, executing research in both equity and fixed income markets.

Michael grew up in China and came to the States when he was 10. He majored in Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton. In addition to mathematical finance, he received deep exposure to economics, statistics and computer science.

Mike’s financial studies fostered a deep fascination with the markets. This interest led him to work in the area of statistical arbitrage at Jane Street Capital upon graduation. There he enhanced his skill set in the areas of market microstructure, historical studies, and statistical analysis. The intense atmosphere and frequently immediate feedback that came with market-making and active trading provided an excellent introduction to the forces that move markets.

Between Mike’s time at Jane Street and coming on board at Byrne he traded a proprietary account with Guerilla Capital Management. There he researched companies in a wide variety of industries, learned to connect operations to numbers, and gained a window into psychological and risk-management factors in portfolio management. Mike’s other engagements include analytical positions at Michael D. Witter Inc in New York and Harvest Fund Management in Beijing.

Mike is a graduate of Princeton University (2011).

You can reach Mike at mikechen@byrneasset.com.