Quarterly Letters

After the end of each quarter we send a personalized letter to each client. We provide a picture of the economic landscape, pertinent market details, performance, and commentary on specific securities in the portfolio.

Custodial Access

Though we direct the investments, client assets are held at a separate institution; for most, TD Ameritrade. Clients have 24/7 online access to their accounts, including real-time holdings, all activity, and an archive of documents.

Personal Attention

We have clients who call us monthly, or annually, or not at all. Some of our clients like to meet in person, others not so much. As for email, some will contact us almost daily, others never. Though many conversations relate to some aspect of account service; others expand into wider issues of personal finance or even world affairs. We welcome all levels of contact with our clients. Building relationships, educating and learning are perhaps the most attractive aspects of our jobs.