Book: Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgage bookSeveral years ago, some clients sought our advice as they considered a reverse mortgage as a means to obtain extra income during their retirement. Completely neutral as we approached the analysis, we were astonished at the financial devastation these usurious loans would have caused. We guided our clients to better routes.

Concerned about the public at large, we analyzed the entire program to produce a book that directly addresses the misleading propaganda found in ads and sales materials.

Far from life enhancing, reverse mortgages destroy wealth, providing gullible victims with modest cash amounts as vastly more home equity is taken. Borrowers either pay off the loan at usurious rates or end up forfeiting their home for a fraction of its value.

The Final Rip-Off: Reverse Mortgages exposes the harm, with clear language and visuals that demonstrate the real costs.

Don’t allow anyone you know to be so cruelly fleeced.

Paperback available at for $7.99 at Amazon.