Our Investment Philosophy

Guided by our founding principle, we apply an institutional level of analytical sophistication to guide all decisions affecting the portfolios of individual investors.

We tailor each portfolio to fit each individual’s risk profile and goals. The latter might include wealth maximization, capital preservation, social responsibility, targeted cash flow, tax minimization, and/or any aspect deemed important by each client.


Many managers confine themselves to a narrow methodology, such as “value” or “GARP” – growth at a reasonable price. Some managers confine their clients’ holdings to a limited sector of the equity universe, such as large or small cap. We believe we can generate better returns by selecting the most promising stocks in each market segment.


In our balanced and fixed income accounts, we build portfolios of bonds that are safe in terms of credit, sound in terms of structure, and maximal in terms of yield given the first two criteria. Bonds are not meant to be a tool for speculation. They should reduce overall portfolio volatility and provide higher income than cash.


We use cash as a tool. In addition to income and liquidity, it provides the ultimate in stability when market valuations indicate a less than 100% investment posture is warranted.