Art Ernst

Art ErnstArt joined Byrne Asset Management in 2006. He serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management.

For over 35 years, Art has served individuals, mutual funds, foundations and insurance companies as a portfolio manager, economist, analyst and advisor. Before focusing on private clients in his consultancy and at Byrne, he served at First Investors, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Merrill Lynch.

During a 7-year engagement in which he guided a small textile manufacturer to 20-fold growth as its CEO, Art surveyed financial products and firms as a consumer; at first merely discerning value as an insider but switching to advocacy against the client-harming schemes he discovered. He subsequently wrote several articles published in over a dozen publications and three books exposing scams legally promoted by many financial firms. For Byrne Asset clients, he is the ultimate fiduciary, putting their interests above all else.

Art is a graduate of the Wharton Graduate School of Business (1984) and Rutgers College (1981), where he was the recipient of the Eugene E. Agger Memorial Award as the top economics graduate. He is the author of A Consumer’s Guide to Harmful Investment Products, and The Final Rip-Off: Reverse Mortgages.

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