Our Commitment to Service

Administrative Support

While clients have full access to staff at TD Ameritrade, we serve as a time-saving liaison. We remove all hassle setting up accounts, transferring assets, consolidating retirement plans, executing wires, donating stock and other worthwhile but sometimes arduous transactions. We guide estates and assist beneficiaries and heirs when those occasions arise.


After the end of each quarter we write to each client to review the economic landscape and market details most pertinent to their assets under management (click here to see generic versions of all of them). All the while, clients have 24/7 online access to their accounts, including real-time holdings, a history of all activity, and an archive of documents going back several years. Most important, we welcome all levels of contact with our clients. Building relationships, educating and learning are perhaps the most enjoyable aspects of our jobs.

Open-Ended Counsel

We provide counsel on any financial matter our clients wish to explore. We develop financial plans to model cash flows and assets in an unlimited array of scenarios to help clients plan and perhaps change behaviors in a beneficial way. We help clients determine the impact of retiring at different times, refinancing loans, and using tax advantaged accounts.

Briefly, we aspire to improve and simplify the financial affairs of our clients.