Select Stocks

To become a part of a client portfolio, stocks must pass through our rigorous selection system.

Excellent Business Prospects

Daily, we review economic and industry factors that might affect the positions we own and are considering. Where valuations and changing prospects warrant, we methodically analyze in detail each company to assess the potential efficacy of inclusion or exclusion in any portfolio.

Outstanding Metrics

Sometimes good companies are priced like great companies; and vice versa. Regardless of how much we might like a product or service or management team, the numbers must be good. The price of any stock should be weighed against the revenues, cash flow, and earnings expected over the next several years. The less paid for any given stream, the better.

Historical Support

We maintain a historical database and use advanced statistical methods to constantly improve our methods. Our data is not restricted to numbers; pertinent articles, white papers, reports from respected Wall Street analysts, and our own notes are archived for easy reference and often insightful perspective.


Though disciplined in approach, we are not restricted to making any decision based solely on our methodology. Having invested through hyperinflation, three recessions, wars, and a variety of booms and busts, we are nimble as well as thoughtful. This kind of support and experience cannot be written into a prospectus or program, but it can work for you.