401k Plan Employee Benefits

Many 401k platforms involve payroll related decisions, reports, and little else. Some of the major broker-dealers, fund groups, and insurance companies send reps out annually to push products like high fee funds and annuities.

With Byrne Asset, your employees get additional benefits, all geared toward their financial well-being.

Plan participants have direct access to portfolio managers. We can help with 401k investment selections. We can also, for free, provide guidance on assets held outside the plan. In fact, we will gladly help family members of participants properly steer their assets.

Further, we provide comprehensive financial planning services to plan participants, free of charge. Your employees can contact a Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) professional anytime with questions of any kind. We can help your employees with any spot decision. We can also plot out finances holistically through retirement, perhaps discovering how minor changes now can lead to big improvements later on.

A retirement plan is more than just a box to check from a list of potential benefits. It could be the most critical factor in determining the quality of life for your employees in the decades to come. We educate and serve to maximize the impact your plan has on the betterment of their lives.