401k Platform

Plan Features

Participant benefits include:

Free investment counseling
24/7 account access
Online enrollment
Optional automatic rebalancing
Direct access to prospectuses
Plan description on demand
Transactional & contribution history
Online loan, rollover, distribution requests
Downloadable, customized statements

Administrative benefits include:

Online management tools & reports
Toll-free phone support
Signature-ready Form-5500
IRS Form-1099 automatically filed & issued
Non-discrimination testing (as needed)
Downloadable summary plan description
Online administrative guide & documents
Downloadable trust reports and statements
Online approval of loans & distributions

Plan design features include:

Employee deferrals
Employer matching contributions
Roth contributions
Hardship withdrawals
Participant loans
Multiple vesting schedules
Automatic enrollment

Investment selections include:

Model portfolios
6 risk targeted categories
Continual monitoring of constituent funds
Automatic weight adjustments when merited
Dozens of no-load funds with free transfers
Selection includes index, sector, and foreign
Brokerage account option
Participants can self-direct or have us invest