Investment Process

Know the client

Before any money is invested, we gain a full grasp of a new client’s financial status, goals, and tolerance for various types of risk.

Allocate assets appropriately

If we manage all of a client’s assets, a proper mix of bonds and stocks will be determined and maintained.

Ensure diversification

Whatever the results of our research, we do not allow clients to be over-exposed to any one company or industry.

Select stocks

Using our proprietary screening process, intense research, and economic overlay, we build effective equity portfolios.

Select bonds

After deep analysis of yields, economic trends, and corporate credit, we build safe, income generating fixed income portfolios.

Monitor key variables

After portfolios are fully invested, we continually monitor the economy, markets, and individual stocks and bonds to evaluate whether or not positions currently held would in fact be purchased anew, and whether other adjustments might be efficacious. Briefly, the steps introduced above are not one-time events; they are daily practices.