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5 ways to cut property taxes

Feb 27, 2017 NJ Issues by Tom Byrne
Property taxes in New Jersey are the highest in the nation. Since 2000, they have doubled and have risen at over twice the rate of inflation. No wonder people are forced to move; no wonder we have the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. Property taxpayers suffer because raising this tax is the path of
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Sector trends
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The “Nifty Nine” lead the market

This year was basically a long ride to nowhere.  After six good years, the stock market gyrated in part because investors spent much of the year fretting about a modest hike in interest rates and slowing earnings growth.  The S&P 500 Index provided a total return of 1.37% but that number masked the bigger picture. 
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Balanced Approach Needed to Fix Pension Crisis

Dec 18, 2015 NJ Issues by Tom Byrne
The pension crisis has been a conveniently ignored time bomb in New Jersey, but now we are about to light the fuse. A legislative committee just approved a ballot referendum to constitutionally mandate extra spending of over $3 billion now and $6 billion by 2023 on pension contributions – without identifying any source of that
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Chart of earnings deterioration

A Bleak but Avoidable Future

What happens if we don’t enact pension reform?  Nothing terrible happens immediately, and that is the danger.  Disaster is a decade away, so politicians see no urgency.  But disaster it will be. Consider this.  The State’s 2015 budget was approximately $33 billion; its pension plans paid out $7 billion in benefits.  That money came out
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