Financial Planning

Upon request and free of charge, we work with clients to help them achieve their goals. Counsel is always free, as is access to eMoney, an online tool with budgeting, reporting, and other capabilities. Importantly, we are here to answer any and all questions; to provide analysis that goes deeper than eMoney; to generate plans and projections to help clients make smart decisions.

Funding education costs – Would a 529 or UGMAs work better? What is the financial impact of going to school A versus or B? How can ‘gifting’ help? Liquidate assets or borrow? We can help.

Affording a rewarding retirement – When can retirement begin? How much should be accumulated by then? What is needed to get to that number? When should Social Security start? Ask us.

Building and passing on an estate – What moves can minimize taxes? Are wills current? Do accounts designate beneficiaries? Should the investment horizon be one’s life or that of heirs? Let’s explore.

We are not salespeople sending info to others to derive glossy and imminently stale reports. We are analysts with the acumen to help our clients with any situation, dynamically, to maximum benefit.

Have questions? Contact us to get answers.