401k Plan Employee Counseling

We are available to plan participants for counsel on any financial matter at no cost. We can help them with plan and non-plan issues.Within the plan, we help participants discern their risk profile and select investments. That selection is often an appropriate risk-based model, but when asked we help participants build custom portfolios. Beyond mutual funds, participants can set up separate brokerage accounts wherein they can invest in individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs. A participant can self-manage the account, ask for ad hoc counsel, or have us actively manage such assets.Aside from the plan, we can help participants with assets held elsewhere. We identify imprudent holdings, such as unsound concentrations, needlessly costly products, and unproductive positions such as excessive cash or commodities.Moreover, participants have free access to comprehensive planning services. Meeting life’s expenses now and through retirement, education planning, estate issues, loan refinancing; whatever issue is important to a participant, we can help.With our 401k plans, you don’t merely replace your current investment platform with a superior one; you add a material benefit for your employees.Click here to download our 401k plan brochure.