401k Plan Investment Options

While employers are free to add just about any mutual fund to the plan platform, our basic platform already includes a robust selection of low-cost no-load index funds which over the course of time have served investors better than more expensive, often sales-fee laden managed funds.

401k plan participants can build their portfolios with any combination of funds. They can also open a brokerage account and hold individual stocks and bonds. In either case, they can self-manage or take advantage of our expertise.

Most participants choose one of our risk-based models. These models allocate participant money to low-cost no-load mutual funds, with the stock-to-bond mix of each model fitting for the stated risk profile.

Participants often know their own tolerance for risk, but we gladly assist with the selection process. Such is most common upon conversion and with new hires.

When a participant’s assets rise into the hundreds of thousands, he or she might be interested in a portfolio of individual stocks and bonds. Our plans include a brokerage account option. A participant can self-manage, but most have found it beneficial to have us manage such accounts.

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