How Bad Service and Abuse of Other Peoples’ Money Deepened the Financial Crisis

Senate Bail Out

This morning as I was driving to a meeting I heard a radio talk show host lament about the general lack of service in most companies these days. More precisely, there seems to be a lack of desire to serve. The most

Reverse Mortgages: A Convenient Way to Wipe Out an Estate

It is almost impossible to watch 30 minutes of television without seeing an ad for reverse mortgages. As seniors talk about their “favorite day” of home ownership and actor Robert Wagner extols the virtues of senior consumption, the spots present reverse mortgages

How to Tell if Your Financial Adviser Is a Salesperson

If you visited a doctor who, after seeing you, prescribes a particular medicine, should you pay his fee and buy the drug? Most likely. If, instead of a doctor, you saw a neighbor who happened to have a similar condition and thereby